Coz you see best when your eyes are closed.

Everlasting Beauty


A poem that I wrote in high school for a competition. Still brings back beautiful memories.


“What a beautiful ring that is
And what a pretty red dress
I wish I was slimmer
then I would be perfect”
Looking through the shops
I continued down the lane
Suddenly collided with someone
“Are you insane?”
I turned to see a girl
with a cane in her hand
who couldn’t see with her eyes
the sky or the land
“I’m sorry,” she apologised
“You see, I’m blind
That’s why I stumbled onto you
I hope you don’t mind.”
She was tall and slim
and wore a red dress
But couldn’t see for herself
the beauty of this bless
I gazed at her intently
and searched her eyes
“You are so beautiful
do you even realise?”
“What is beauty,” she asked; I said,
“Anything that appeals to the eyes”
“Where do you think then the problem lies
In the object or in the eyes?”
“With darkness all around me
what can I see?
Does that mean the world is dull
I should believe?”
“Who decides what is good
what is to be and what not to be
Beauty is not a written rule
but something that lies with me”
“If I see in the sun
not its warmth but glare
I would believe that in the world
there’s nobody to love and care”
“I see in a child his innocence
in a student his dedication
in a labourer his earnesty
and in a priest his devotion”
“If I find the world beautiful
who is to stop me
from being what I am
feeling as I ought to feel”
Saying so she left
with a smiling face
walking with contentment
at a steady pace
I watched her go by
then turned and sighed
Wondered about all the things
to whom credit I had denied
No longer did I see the ring
or the red dress
“What is beautiful about them?
They’re the same more or less”
I learned to see the greenery
feel the wind in my hair
and look beyond a pretty face
to see who loved and cared
I’m grateful to the girl
for now I do realise
the blind girl had showed me that
everlasting beauty lies in my eyes.


4 thoughts on “Everlasting Beauty

  1. Awesome poem…loved it! Truely said…

  2. Oh great one. Loved reading it and the message conveyed. For a moment I was tuning your poem to eminem’s songs. Quite similar.. no offence.

    • Thank you! Guess I should check out Eminem’s songs. I personally wasn’t happy about the ‘blind girl’ reference. Sounded crude. But was a school kid then : )

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